Mar 17, 2009

Tag from Bya

1Do you shower in the morning or evening?

2Do you use liquid or bar soap?
*bar, mls mau tekan2.

3Do you use shampoo and conditioner or just shampoo?
*err rarely shampoo, HAHA (dun wori xda kutu)

4Do you brush your teeth in the shower?
*nope. nnti ubat gigi neutral, hilang ke-alkali-an die. xD

5Do you shave in the shower?
*yup, HAHA.

6Do you sing in the shower?
*lebih byk berangan.

7Do you use a washcloth?
* xD

8Do you have a door or a curtain on your shower?
*door, tp x tutup xD

9Have you ever taken a call in the shower?
* run naked to the handphone, yeah.

10Have you ever showered in your swimsuit?

11Have you ever showered with a member of the same sex?

12Have you ever showered with a member of the opposite sex?
*yup! waktu kecik.

13Do you share a bathroom with someone?
*share with mosquitoes!

14Do you listen to the radio in the shower?
*lagu kat handphone je kdg2, kalo rasa nak berjoget.

15Do you wear a shower cap?
*xda masa!

16Do you wash behind your ears?
*ratakan air ke seluruh badan...

17Describe your shower in three words
*small, dangerous & sexy.

18What one thing would you change about your shower?
*air kua dari bawh, syok cuci... xD

19What would make your shower time better for you?
*time sejuk.

20What celebrity would you like to shower with?
*Siti Nurhaliza.

21What celebrity would you NOT like to shower with?
*Datuk K.

22What is the one thing you can't do without in your shower?

23What is the oddest thing that has happened to you in the shower?
*someone came in! WTF!

24What is the best thing that has happened to you in the shower?
*hehe, harem.

25When was the last time you showered?

26When are you going to take a shower next?
*idk yet.

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