Jul 16, 2009

Soal Awek

in this modern time, coupling is a common thing.
though the real meaning is 'a little bit' different..
Nvm that, the issue here is, is it really necessary to have a gf or bf?
Is it because you fell in love? at the age of 13? oh ok, that's a small number.

the reason why i wrote this entry in english is because right now i got sepiking-landen-syndrome,
yeah that sydrome exist, very rare though.

back to the issue, i see couples everywhere, even in the bushes, dark areas, abandoned house, etc.
what are they doing in those places? Im very curios..haha yeah, i knew too.
Even for me, i also wanted to have a gf, and if u're a straight guy, u also want one.
Not for copulating (maybe, if!) but just for maintaining the manly nature of male human.

Nowadays, numbers of pretty chicks has increased exponently and they are getting hornier and hornier (if u know what hornier means). Thus, triggered my male hormones into the excited state.

* * * * * * *

i have no idea what im writing...peace lol!


Aiman Toreq said...

nice usage of the english language man...



hny said...

bodol la kau lut hahaha stim lbey :D


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