Feb 20, 2009

Tag from Zizi


thnx zizi kerna sudi meng'tag' pipi

here goes, layan~

1. Have you ever seen a movie BEFORE it was in theaters? Which one? 
::  yup, syuk downloadkan. ahahaha

2. What song is always stuck in your head? 
::  la camisa negra~ layan seyh lagu ni.

3. Who was the last person to melt your heart? 
::  Uwaaaaa :(

4. Is there a movie that you know every word to? 
::  Burn After Reading. fckfckfckfck  throughout the movie. good movie though. ttbe speaking nih... lalala~

5. Is there a song you believe was written about you? 
:: jatuh cinta lagi, lagi-lagi ku jatuh cinta..bla3.

6. What tv show can you not miss? 
:: jarang tgk tv la skang, plg x miss...WWE la kot.

7. Do you have/want any tattoos? 
::  no & no

8. Have you ever met a celebrity? Bands or otherwise? 
:: yeap, Siti Nurhaliza.walking in front of me. I just "wtf, Siti???"  shocked.

9. What is your favorite restaurant? 
:: Hj Samuri

10. Where is the best location for a date? 
::  Bedroom.

11. What is your ringtone? 
:: Hot Hot Heat - My Best Fiend

12. Where is your favorite place to be on the weekends? 
::  Waterfall!!!

13. Do you believe good things really do come to those who wait? 
::  nope, it comes to those who take risks.

14. What is the best medicine for a broken heart? 
:: x salah lelaki menangis, pastu tido.

15. Do you like yogurt? 
:: yuck.ahaha yogurt drink suke plak.

16. Have you ever broken someone's heart? 
::  ade, selalu. kan kan.

17. What do you think about Twilight? 
:: idk.
18. What month is your birthday in? 
:: June

19. Vanilla or chocolate? 
::  Ice cream? Vanilla. 

20. Is your bedroom door open or shut when you sleep? 
::  i like dark. shut!!

I'm Going To TAG


ps: malas letak smiley..

1 comment:

IzzahJamri said...

maseh kerana sudi wat tag aku.
*terharu :o


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